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Which Trolley?

With a trolley range from £89 - £929, we have a trolley to suit everyone.

For those who like to get that little bit of extra exercise around the course, the Push’n’Pull Trolley is probably the best for you.  Its ingeniously simple folding mechanism makes it ready for use in seconds and its slim folding design will allow it to fit into the tightest of spaces.

Electric Golf Trolleys
For those that want that little extra luxury around the course, the Greenhill Electric Golf Trolley Range has been designed with your needs in mind.

GT or PT?
The first decision is to choose from the best-selling Greenhill Trolley (GT) range or to opt for the control of the Pure Traction (PT) range.

If you play on a flat course, any of our range of GT Trolleys (including GTS and GTS Ultra) will be more than adequate for your needs. The Ultrasonic Digital Controller allows for efficient smooth running of the trolley, with a Rocker Switch (Lazy Switch) enabling simple start/stop functionality and a Potentiometer Knob allowing extremely acute speed control of your trolley – any speed from the slowest crawl to a light jog.

The Pure Traction range on the other hand comes into its own on hilly courses. While the GT is perfectly adequate to take you round hilly courses, it is driven via a standard gearbox and clutch wheels, (over 90% of all electric trolleys have this type of clutch design), the GT trolley will easily free wheel down hills, hence the golfer has to hold the trolley back – often tricky on the steeper slopes.

The Pure Traction, with its split axle Limited Slip Differential (LSD) Gearbox and Variable Electronic Braking System (VEBS), gives the golfer complete trolley control. Whether uphill or downhill, the Pure Traction range (including PTS and PTS Ultra) gives the golfer the ultimate in speed control of the trolley, while the split axle design allows for extremely easy steering – The PT will turn on the spot, where as all clutch style trolleys will leave one wheel fixed and travel in a larger turning circle.

Indeed, an additional unique benefit of the Greenhill Pure Traction is the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS). Generally what would be perceived as the trolley trying to run away on any clutch driven trolley, the PT range with its braking system harnesses this additional ‘Kinetic Energy’ and recharges the battery on the downhill slopes.

Trolley Chassis?
Now you know whether you want a standard (GT) or brake (PT) style of trolley, the choice is then which chassis to put your drive system on.

The GT and PT are designed on the same extra strong, box section style chassis. Selected not only for its strength, but also for the ease with which it is designed to ensure your trolley travels in a straight line.  A trolley range designed for rugged durability on the course, and compactness off it, its popularity is ensured for years to come.

The GTS and PTS were designed on a brand new chassis in 2010.  Styled with many unique features, the sprung suspension, mudguards, simple snap fit catches, elliptical tubing, fold under front wheel and easy grip ‘T’-bar handle all ensure that the new generation GTS and PTS models offer all of the teasing features a golfer could wish for!!

…… well, almost all!  The GTS Ultra and PTS Ultra come with all of the same features as the GTS and PTS, but with the added bonus that every hinge and catch is manufactured out of solid aluminium.  That means that after over two hours of high precision CNC machining, every hinge, joint and catch on your trolley has been produced from a solid block of metal to give you the ultimate feeling of quality in your trolley.

Wheel Choice?
Ultimately a styling choice, the Greenhill Electric Golf Trolley range offers two types of wheels, all with slightly varying benefits:

Skyline Wheel – an aesthetic, sporty “alloy” wheel, this modern look helps to deliver the styling that all trolleys crave.

Air Wheel – A smooth running air wheel that helps the trolley to travel with that extra little bit of cushioning.  This is a great choice to run with a Pure Traction Trolley, helping with every essence of the Pure Traction name!

Battery Choice?
Each trolley comes with a choice of 5 batteries, 18, 27 and 36-hole lead acid and 18 and 36 hole lithium*.  All batteries benefit from the protection offered by our Ultrasonic Digital Speed Controllers.  The controllers will never allow the battery to be discharged too deeply, power will simply be refused to the trolley, but if the battery is put back on charge within a matter of hours, no damage will have been done and the battery life will have been retained.  (Draining of batteries by some controllers is one of the main reasons for battery failure).

Another reason for battery failure is the use of an incompatible battery charger.  We have ensured that our chargers will not harm your battery.

Safe in the knowledge that our power sources and electronics work well together, the choice of battery can be as simple as:
18-hole - for the golfer playing on a reasonably flat course, only playing a maximum of 18 holes in one day.
27-hole – the most popular battery, suitable for all styles of course and all types of golfer – you’ll always be well served with this type of battery.
36-hole – for the hardened golfer, will serve the big playing golfer well
18 and 36-hole lithium - As above, but with the added bonus of being extremely lightweight and offering a two year warranty.

* Under normal operating conditions on a standard GT Trolley.

Now all that is left is to choose your colour.  Powder Coated in Graphite or Silver to give a strong, robust and great looking finish, Ultra models are available in a range of colours.

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